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Dan Held
Moisture Management in Tiled Showers
Provides 1 AIA LU/HSW Credit

Leaks and mold continue to pose serious problems for the construction industry. This seminar will compare traditional waterproofing systems with modern waterproofing technology to show how tiled showers have evolved. The fundamentals of both approaches, including proper design, execution, and function will be presented, with close attention paid to common errors, as well. The benefits of bonded waterproofing technology and how it has improved tiled showers will be stressed.

At the end of this presentation, the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify the benefits and challenges associated with tiled showers.
  2. Understand the proper design and execution of tiled shower waterproofing systems.
  3. Recognize the benefits of bonded waterproofing technology and how it has revolutionized
    tiled showers.

7:00 PM Dinner Program Featuring:

Brent Williams, CSI, CDT

Chief Creative Evangelist, Archteva

Personal Branding in the Design Environment: Transforming Your Reputation into the Digital Environment.

Personal Branding in the Design Environment: Transforming your reputation into the digital environment.

In today’s ever accelerating digital environment, knowing how both your personal and business reputations translate onto the social platforms is more critical than ever. 

Almost every professional in the design and construction fields are chronically underpaid. You’re worth more, but you need to let the world know why, and that’s been difficult…until now.

This seminar will teach you what a Personal Brand is, how to define your personal brand, how building a personal brand will increase your value to your employer and how moving your reputation into the digital is going to be critical as the economy continues to move increasingly into the digital domain.

Key Learning Points:

You will learn what is a Personal Brand and why is it important to your future. 

You’ll be able to differentiate the professional perception between a logo and a brand. 

You will learn how to develop your personal brand and effectively connect to your potential market.

You will learn how your Personal Brand can leverage both your career and firm’s relationship with their clients in the emerging connected marketplace. 

Brent Williams, Bio

Today’s educator is Brent Williams, CSI, CDT

Brent Williams is an serial entrepreneur who has built multiple companies within the construction marketspace. Nationally known as an speaker and educator on digital connectivity, Brent’s expertise targets the Social Media environment, the permission -based marketplace, connectivity within the design field and building personal brand identities and is currently the Director of Design for DesignFilm.com, an authorized distributor for 3M Architectural Finishes.

Brent began his involvement in CSI in 2004, quickly rising to leadership as President of the Knoxville Chapter in 2006-2007 and then moving on to service at the Region and Institute levels. During his service at the National level, Brent began teaching about deploying Social Media for the design community in 2008. The pinnacle of his CSI experience was the founding of CSINext, the Institute’s Virtual Chapter. Brent is currently serving as President of the Knoxville Chapter of CSI.

In addition to his business and CSI efforts, Brent is a lifelong, passionate cyclist who co-founded the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association and enjoys racing his reproduction 1880’s era Penny Farthing Bicycle.

Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Brent is married to Dr. Jeanne Williams and is father to five and grandfather to 3 rambunctious grandsons.

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