Innovation Nights

Welcome to CSI Atlanta –

The Construction Specifications Institute


Hello CSI members:

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Atlanta CSI Chapter Innovation Nights! I am reaching out to past participates and a few new ones as well. Please feel free to mention this event to others who might be interested in joining us in person.

• Your name will be added to our website for advertising/marketing prior to the event. Please send me your logo/signature so it can be added to our website prior to the event (the sooner the better as this takes time to set up).

• Remember to have your “elevator speech” ready. This will be your personal opportunity to present to the group and tell the audience all about your company and what services and products you provide in the market.

• Table tops are $100.00 each (CSI member, 1st time) and $50.00 each (CSI member, thereafter-CSI chapter year). Non-members: table tops are $150 each and every time.

• Visit our payment page to purchase your table top.

• We are doing what we can to make this easy for you and we encourage your participation and chapter support. Stay visible…This is a great way to support our local chapter and stay involved in our monthly meetings!!!

Please contact me directly if you are interested and we can take next steps getting you set up for our virtual meeting presentation.

Please contact Adria Aldridge

We are live again! Check back on our events page for monthly meeting details!

CSI members got to know more about the products and services available to them when considering upcoming projects. We had a great turnout and sold out of our table tops.

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