President’s Message

Last spring our 2022/2023 distinguished Board members’ term came to an end, and a new Board of Directors and future leaders joined the Atlanta CSI Board.  I feel honored to be your incoming President and I want to appreciate the leadership provided by Ivan Zuniga and everyone on last years’ board.  I am Virginia Clavijo, first generation immigrant to the U.S. who studied architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  I became a specification writer, I prefer the title of research specialist, because the Contract Administration projects were completed, and we all know what happened to the economy in the early 2000’s. 

Please help me welcome the new class of Directors and the new Board. They are new and returning members who we all know will successfully fulfill their predecessors’ shoes!  Please join me in welcoming the President Elect: Tony Ferrante, Vice-President: Jonn Robinson, Secretary: Carolyn Charles, Treasurer: Andrew Gross, and our Board of Directors: Ivan Zuniga, JoAnn Hathcox, Tom Laccetti, Matt Stoops and Kenny McMann.  We also have a host of others that keep everything running smoothly in the background; Mary Waguespack, Holly Gottfredson, Jim Tomak, Adria Aldridge, Anoop Sreekumar, Cindy Oglesby, Jacob McClelland, Sam Chapo, Theresa Wills, J.W. Mollohan, Casey Robb.  You may know some of them, they are trusted advisors, product representatives, specification writers and fellow Architects.    

I look forward to serving you this fiscal year.  My goals are aligned with CSI National’s dedication to improve the communication of construction information through the membership base of allied professionals involved in the creation and management of the built environment. Improve, develop, and transform standards and formats. Provide mentorship, education and certification of professionals to improve the project delivery processes.

For me personally, the Atlanta chapter provides the relationships that help me advance building information management.  I invite you to come network and, I invite you to expect to get a higher level of education that will help with project delivery.  I have come to expect that the questions asked during what we call at the Atlanta Chapter, the Tech Sessions; are worth their weight in gold.  You may ask, “the questions”? Yes, imagine a room full of tech savvy individuals, who want to know more and are not there just for the CE credit.  The Atlanta Chapter is full of professionals that are willing to share their knowledge, to mentor the new generation of design professionals, specification writers and architectural representatives that represent the products that build our dreams and futures.   

I have a challenge for all of us for this upcoming fiscal year to further our goals and profession – bring the student, the emerging professional or the product representative that gave your office that awesome lunch and learn; to the Atlanta Chapter monthly meetings and introduce them to the concept “You don’t need to know everything; you need to know someone” and we are collectively and individually that someone that is willing to teach and in the process, learn.

Virginia Clavijo

Research Specialist

Rule, Joy, Trammell and Rubio

Architecture and Interior Design

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